Harken: For people who don't need Harken

07-11-2017 09:27 Redaktionen
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Harken, You're not a racer? But you are a sailor? That's fine. Because at Harken, we make products for sailors.

Consider our new Element blocks. Everything that doesn't contribute to durability and strength is gone! The result? A Harken block—robust, contemporary, and priced for your wallet.

Sideplates combine forged aluminum and compound curves for strength, pairing the perfect amount of metal to protect the sheave with a proven bearing system.

Offered in singles, doubles, triples, fiddles and footblocks; 45, 60, and 80 mm sizes; accept line from 8 - 16 mm.

Available in early 2018.

Learn more at: www.harken.com/element

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