European Yachts: Her er vinderne - 'Verdens bedste både 2022'

Se om danske X-Yachts er blandt de fem både, der kan smykke sig med titlen European Yacht of the Year 2022. Læs også motivationerne fra de 12 jury-medlemmer til hver enkelt vinder. Du får de tre første jury-kommentarer herunder og kan læse de øvrige i PDF-format - du finder link i artiklen,

Det blev både til overraskelser og til favoritsejre i årets European Yacht of the Year-konkurrence. Her får du vinderne i de fem kategorier sammenholdt med læsernes forventninger og jurys kommentarer.

Nederst kan du læse om årets tre Special Mentionings. To af dem, katamaranen Windelo 50 og Elvstrom Sails eXPR-dug, går til virksomheder i branchen, der tager bæredygtighed og ansvar over for miljøet alvorligt. Den tredje går til trimaranen Tricat 6.90 for en båd, der prismæssig er tilgængelig for førstegangskøbere og som leverer på øverste hylde, når det kommer til sejlegenskaber og anvendelighed.

Family Cruiser
De nominerede var: Dufour 470, Hanse 460, Oceanis 34.1, Neel 43 eller Sun Odyssey 380.
Vinderen er: Hanse 460

Dermed ramte de tyske læsere plet, da båden var en klar vinder her, mens nordmændene placerede båden næstsidst.

EYOTY - Barcelona 2021 - Hanse 460
Hanse 460 - vinder af European Yacht of the Year 2022. Foto: Andreas Lindlahr // EYotY

Her er juryens kommentarer:
DEN | Bådmagasinet | Morten Brandt-Rasmussen
With assistance from designers Berret Racoupeau Hanse Yachts brings French blood into their DNA. This shows clearly as the 460 features more innovation including contemporary hull lines, a sleek deck and a cockpit layout that leaves a lot of space for family and friends to relax and enjoy. Down below you feel welcome in the deep and wide salon where the sunlight fills in from the hull windows and from above.

FRA | Voiles & Voiliers | Loic Madeline
What a big roomy boat for those who want to share their holidays on the water. This Hanse is a really new boat: the wide hull is designed with chines and the beam stays max to the transom. This makes for a huge cockpit outside and lots of volume inside. Not only you have two wheels, but you also have two tables in the cockpit. Down below, you can opt for up to five cabins but three is the standard. You’ll be surprised by the volume of the front cabin and by the size of the bed as well. But she is still a Hanse, with lot’s of headroom in the boat and a deck layout that makes it easy for sailing short handed with a self tacking jib and all the ropes that come back to the helmsman.

GBR | Yachting World | Toby Hodges
Hanse’s brave decision to change designers has seemingly paid off. The 460 cleverly meets its brief of providing a voluminous hull which still performs. It boasts appealing exterior aesthetics, is enjoyable to sail and gives the feel of a larger yacht/model (particularly in the cockpit). A key indication of the success of a design is in the initial sales numbers - over 150 sold before any seatrials!

Link til alle de internationale journalisters kommentar til Family Cruiser her (ekstern pdf, red.)

Performance Cruiser

De nominerede var: Pogo 44, Solaris 40, J/45, IC 36 Indepencence eller JPK 39 FC.
Vindere er: JPK 39 FC.
Her fik de norske læsere ret, da de havde båden som en klar vinder. Tyskerne havde båden på en fjerdeplads.

EYOTY - La Rochelle 2021 - jpk_FC37
JPK 39 FC - vinder af European Yacht of the Year 2022. Foto: Andreas Lindlahr // EYotY

Her er juryens kommentarer:
DEN | Bådmagasinet | Morten Brandt-Rasmussen
With the visuals of the coachroof the designers at JPK send a clear message that the boat is meant for cruising. However, the hulllines, the stiffness and the low weight make the boat really fast and at true pleasure to helm. Down below the attractive bright salon and accommodation with a close to 360 degree view will set a new standard for live-aboard quality for the category and maybe even for monohulls in general.

FRA | Voiles & Voiliers | Loic Madeline
Here « FC » means « Fast Cruiser » and indeed she is really fast as a cruiser! Jean-Pierre Kelbert (the builder) and Jacques Valer (the designer) aimed to have a boat that could reach 6 knots of speed with just 6 knots of wind, and that is exactly what she does. The benefits of nice vacuum infused sandwich construction are evident when sailing this boat. Deck gear is perfectly arranged so the JPK 39 is also very easy to handle. A lot of light in the interiors, and a quite clever layout where you can always hang on when the boat is heeling or moving.

GBR | Yachting World | Toby Hodges
JPK build boats that win trophies! Along with Pogo, it has redefined what a modern performance cruiser should be: efficient to the max. For the keen sailor who wants to get the utmost enjoyment out of hands-on cruising, the JPK 39 is a superb design (and to my eye, an appealing one too), while the yard has done a nice job with the interior fit-out too.

Link til alle de internationale journalisters kommentar til Performance Cruiser her (ekstern pdf, red.)

Luxury Cruiser

De nominerede var: Jeanneau Yacht 60, X 5.6, Hallberg Rassy 50, Lagoon 55 eller Swan 58.
Vinderen er: Hallberg Rassy 50.
Både de tyske og norske læsere havde den svenske båd som klar vinder.

EYOTY - La Rochelle 2021 - HallbergRassy_50_
Hallberg Rassy 50 - vinder af European Yacht of the Year 2022. Foto: Andreas Lindlahr // EYotY

Her er juryens kommentarer:
DEN | Bådmagasinet | Morten Brandt-Rasmussen
Hallberg-Rassy delivers with the 50 a boat that is full of the right choices. With the size of 50 foot there is enough space in the cockpit, on deck and down below to truly showcase the quallities of the Swedish yard. The owners cabin, the galley, the salon, the cockpit, the parts and components – everything just seems to be the right choice. The boat sails really well and the push button functionality, rig and sail design is close to flawless.

FRA | Voiles & Voiliers | Loic Madeline
So much space in this hull designed by Germán Frers. Moreover Magnus Rassy wanted the interiors to be on one same level from the rear cabin to the front cabin, so you don’t even have to mind any step when moving along. Compared to what was done on previous models, mast was a bit shifted to the rear, so that the saloon can be even wider. Of course we liked the nice woodworks everywhere, but we also appreciate the very large chart station. On deck, you find two helm stations (just like on the Hallberg-Rassy 57). And the new 50 doesn’t need much wind to reach 7 or 8 knots.

GBR | Yachting World | Toby Hodges
A beautifully refined Hallberg-Rassy. The Swedish yard’s best model yet in its modern hull- shape generation, it’s one that uses every inch of German Frers’ cunning design while still delivering highly impressive performance across the wind ranges.

Link til alle de internationale journalisters kommentar til Luxury Cruiser her (ekstern pdf, red.)

Blue Water

De nominerede var: Allures 51.9, Outremer 55, Ovni 370 eller Windelo 50.
Vinderen er: Outremer 55.
De tyske læsere var enige i dette valg, mens de norske havde båden på deres andet valg.

EYOTY - Barcelona 2021 - Outremer_55
Outremer 55 - vinder af European Yacht of the Year 2022. Foto: Andreas Lindlahr // EYotY

Her er juryens kommentarer:
DEN | Bådmagasinet | Morten Brandt-Rasmussen
With the 55 the Outremer yard is once again breaking new ground when it comes to the standards of comfort and live-aboard quality of life in the bluewater category. Apart from being the TGV of ocean passages the boat offers the most spacious, open and best integration of the cockpit and salon areas in the market for mass produced catamarans. The comfort and joy of being onboard will be top level whether being under way, at anchor in a bay or moored in a harbour.

FRA | Voiles & Voiliers | Loic Madeline
She is impressive, she is fast, and she is big enough to carry a whole family with a lot of comfort all over the world. The Outremer 55 might not be the obvious choice when thinking of a long distance blue water cruiser. But when you think of it, she gives you the safety of fast ocean passages, the vast area of the platform to enjoy the sun, a huge cockpit and a saloon on the same level, a real privacy when you’re in your cabin and more than enough volume to bring onboard what really matters. This beauty is not for free and not every harbours are offering moorings for such a big cat : but she is the best in her class.

GBR | Yachting World | Toby Hodges
With this model Outremer shows why it dominates the performance bluewater multihull sector. The well built and finished 55 is a mighty spaceship with a modern apartment inside, and although a lot to absorb and handle, it offers sustained double digit speeds in real comfort. And with over 50 orders for a yacht of this price range, this is arguably the most successful new production yacht on the market.

Link til alle de internationale journalisters kommentar til BlueWater Cruiser her (ekstern pdf, red.)

Special Yacht

De nominerede var: Sunbeam 32.1, Tricat 6.90, Saffier 33 SE Life, De Cesari 33 eller Revolution 24.
Vinderen er: Saffier 33 SE Life

De norske læsere var enige i dette valg, mens tyskerne havde båden som to’er.

EYOTY - Barcelona 2021 - Saffier_SE33_Life
Foto: Andreas Lindlahr // EYotY

Her er juryens kommentarer:
DEN | Bådmagasinet | Morten Brandt-Rasmussen
The dutch builders from Saffier Yachts seem to have reached a level of perfection in the day cruiser market that no other yard can match. The 33 is no exception with a design that includes push button functionality, comfort and good looks. Then add a build quality that places the yard at the top end of the industry. No need to say that the boat performs really well upwind and downwind.

FRA | Voiles & Voiliers | Loic Madeline
How could you not love her? The Saffier 33 is a very beautiful boat, she is a pleasure to steer and she sails rather fast. Plus, you’ve got a very roomy cockpit to bring your friends on the water. She is really well thought-out to be driven very easily single-handed. With the help of electric energy you can motor out of the harbor with no noise and also host and trim your sails with no muscles. There is also everything you need inside the cabin to spend a few days onboard: comfortable beds, small galley and toilets. Well the headroom is poor, but the saffier wouldn’t be such a nice and fast boat with a high freeboard. Better take it than leave it.

GBR | Yachting World | Toby Hodges
Saffier is another yard which will not rest on its laurels and keeps improving and improving. Just when you think it’s found the perfect daysailer formula, it adds more and more refinement, from the design to the first class finish throughout. The SE33 is an absolute joy to sail (and can provide a thrilling ride too), while the Dutch yard’s incredible sales figures bear witness to its looks and functionality.

Link til alle de internationale journalisters kommentar til Special Yachts her (ekstern pdf, red.)

Special Mentioning:
Windelo 50 - Elvstrøm eXPR - Tricat 6.90

DEN | Bådmagasinet | Morten Brandt-Rasmussen
Windelo 50 is leading the way for the industry to take on an environmental responsibility. According to the yard the boat is build using up to 50% basalt fibres in the structure and recycled pet-plast on less stressfull areas.

Elvstrom Sails are showing great courage for being first movers on the new eXPR cloth that is made by 100% recycled materials. The cloth is suitable for everything but pure racing which shows that this is a serious move for the Danish loft.

Tricat 6.90 is one of very few boats in the competition that has a moderate price-tag and a very high level of performance. It contains what sailing is all about in terms for agility, fun and pure joy. It folds very easily and it trailable after a normal car. You get at lot of boat for the buck here.

FRA | Voiles & Voiliers | Loic Madeline
Elvstrom eXRP and Windelo 50 – We are facing the global warming threats on every aspect of our lives and the sailing industry has to adress it as soon as possible. Both Elvstrom’s eXRP, a new sailcloth using recycled materials, and the Windelo 50, a cat built with basalt fiber and reclycled foam, deserve a special mention for their work towards a better use of the ressources.

Tricat 690 – This small trimaran is very often much faster than bigger boats but she is also a very versatile yacht. You can use it as a day-boat and you will love it for you can access anywhere and she is really easy to handle. She can also be used a a first cruising boat in the summer days and because she is light and easy to fold, you can have it behind your car if you want to have a go at the greek islands, the swedish western coast or the sunny spanish waters.

GBR | Yachting World | Toby Hodges
Windelo 50 — In an era where the big yards should be leading by example rather than greenwashing, few go to the extent that newcomers Windelo has. Two years were spent researching environmentally-friendly composite materials, developing what it describes as an eco-composite of basalt fibre and recycled PET foam so it could build boats that halve the environmental impact of standard glassfibre yachts. The result is an intriguing package – from the styling, modular interior and novel layout to the solar field on the roof and the standard electric propulsion, the Windelo 50 is completely fresh.

Elvstrom eXPR — We hope Elvstrom could be leading the way to a cleaner method of sailmaking here. eXPR is a laminate sail, where the main constituents are all made from recycled polyester (including the UV film, taffeta and fibres), yet in looks and practice there is no telling difference to high-end laminates made from non-recycled materials.

Versatility: Tricat 6.90 – Really easy, light, fast performance sailing in a simple, no-frills package. The 6.90 is versatile, in that it has a practical folding mechanism, can be trailered, beached and used by a small family for camping. Plus it hits a price point in which most other yacht manufacturers have given up competing.

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