BREAKING: Spindrift2 afbryder rekord forsøg

Historien opdateres...

Kl. 19 UTC tid måtte skipper Yann Guichard lide den tort at afbryde Spindrift 2s rekord forsøg i Jules Verne Trophy. Spindrift 2 har lige nu kurs mod Cap Leeuwin på den syd-vestlige spids af Australien, hvor de har lidt over 1.000 sømil 'hjem...

På redaktionen har vi modtaget følgende pressemeddelelse, som du lige i første om gang får på engelsk:

At 19h UTC Yann Guichard, the skipper of Spindrift 2, contacted his technical team ashore to report damage to the structure of the starboard rudder. Spindrift racing is challenging for the Jules Verne Trophy.

Having made a full assessment of the damage and possible repairs, the team has reluctantly concluded that they are unable to make the necessary repairs without compromising the safety and performance of the 40m trimaran.

"Because of this technical problem we have no choice but to stop this record attempt. It is a huge disappointment to all of the crew. We are now heading to the south east coast of Australia and expect to reach there in the next four days,” confirmed Yann Guichard

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